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New Website Journal

To all fans with reading my material on this blog. I have created my very own website. At

I will be posting all my trades from there on. I wish I could transfer all my journal here to my new website. But I dont know how, so I will make this still open to public and make a link from my website.


The trade exited at my profit target. Closed all position at +240 pips. I think thats for today’s trade. I will see it tommorow what is install further. Love it.


Gain +380 pips. Good trade for me. So I open up this morning see a good CT-DP setup. The price is more than > 30 pips away. Base on backtesting, this probability normally has a high rate of reaching it back towards the daily, because 1. it is in a range in the 1 hr time frame. 2. I have backtested it with due diligence and found out this is a good setup.

Stoploss. I put it at 1.5319 at the last week resistance. In case it goes against me. My recovery strategy is to stack back down towards the daily pivot if a bounce is observe from R1. This must come with a candle confirmation ( reversal signal ).

Currently open short trade 2 position open at 1.5270 and 1.5268. Stack pending at 1.5265, 1.5262, 1.5259, 1.5256, 1.5253, 1.5250, 1.5247, 1.5244. TP at 1.5231 and stoploss at 1.5319.

Wow. It went even through S2 and hit the weekly. But My target was only S2 which is worth enough. Great trade. I am not even looking much from the fundamental side of things. may be a few stuff only about GBP and the USD.

SO, i miss the set up this morning. But it was 20 pip away, so I dont fance a stack on it.

OK. Looks like it broke the S1 but not too significantly. Now Normally this works well in trend with a high rate of probability. I am trading this in a range which also has a good probability but not as High as in trend. But I will try to take an advantage of it since it is in the top range of the range, meaning I am shorting this at a resistance on a larger time frame scale. But in the 15 min, its worth the shot.

I am shorting the pair at 1.5230. Now this may have to pass the pyschological numbers at 1.5200. Hopefully it does, but if it doesnt we just close it immediately. But in this case, I just put my stoploss at the daily pivot. CUrrently I have 1 position open, the rest 9 position are in stack ready to open once it is hit. my stack are from 1.5225, 1.5222, 1.5219, 1.5216, 1.5213, 1.5210, 1.5207, 1.5204, 1.5201. And my TP is at 1.5179 with a stoploss at the daily pivot at 1.5276.

Now here is my recovery mode. In case the trade against me with the larger candle break above S1. I can stack to recover the loss to make it break even or slightly less , stacking it towards the daily pivot.